Aien & Thara

the wedding


Thanks for visiting our humble wedding website. Words cannot express how happy we are to have you here! Besides getting you informed, this website is specially made with much love and pride for those who have known us and have shared the pieces of our life since we were younger up to now. It is a website, built to create wild, wonderful connections between us and our current, even long-lost friends.

So for those of you who may have known our lost-lost friends that we fail to reach, please do invite them to come along and join us celebrate this meaningful day of ours. And to you, who are reading this, please pray for our continued happiness and a lifetime marriage. Do have fun surfing through our page, and don’t forget to drop your dedications on the Dedications page!

Loads of love,
Aien & Thara


  • 1 Jolc

    hey you both, especially my dearest makcik gatai :) , congratulations !!! ~

  • 2 Mohd 'Azumo' Adzim

    Assalamulaikum... First of all I would like to congrats for ur upcoming wedding ceremony... Musti meriah kan... Ada karaoke ke??? Huhuhuhu... Just kidding.... I harap u n ur husband berkekalan sehingga ke anak cucu...amin.... See u soon... Salam....

  • 3 Dania

    yay im da first! congrats to both of you on your wedding! gosh how time flies! tetibe je u da nk kawen. sighs. make sure u throw ur bouquet cos i wanna be next ok! hehe. love, me.